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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Planning Ahead - Bead Projects

Meaningful Holiday Gifts
Create holiday ornaments, gifts and stocking stuffers with our budget friendly bead projects. We have a large variety of beads, findings and supplies so you can create a unique gift for everyone.

Celebrate 2010

Our 2010 bracelets and key chains are a great way to celebrate the New Year. Project idea - have your students commit to a New Year's resolution and create bracelets, pins and key chains that will remind them of their resolution.

Pi Day
March 14 is Pi Day. Use our numbers beads to represent the digits of PI and create fun bracelets as part of your lesson plan.

Around the World with Beads
Beads have existed since ancient times, used in trade, for ceremony, status and decoration. Beads are also a reflection of culture and come from all over the world. Our "Around the World with Beads" activity takes you to Italy, Africa, Czech Republic, Austria and other places. It's an educational project that teaches social studies, geography and history.

Contact Joyce or Ashlee at Bead Bee for help with planning your classroom or group activities.