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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Be The Change - Bead Project

Be The Change is a national program in which many schools, churches and groups are involved. A popular bead project and group activity for those involved in Be the Change, are customized bracelets or key chains. Making these crafts in simple and fun. They also make great fundraising items too.

Simply use plastic pony beads (available in over 30 colors), alphabet beads, cording and findings to create either a bracelet or key chain. You can also use these beading materials to make necklaces or book marks.

The examples shown were made by students at different schools who used colored pony beads to represent their school colors.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Water Conservation Bead Project

Learning about water conservation is an important subject, and to make it more enjoyable and effective, each student can create a beaded key chain or bracelet. This is great for any general education teacher, science teacher, or for classroom activities, kids camps and library programs.

The project involves several different color beads, each bead represents something related to water conservation. The colors and their meaning are as follows:

Gold Pony Bead - You
Turquoise Pony Bead - Turn the water OFF while brushing your teeth
Purple Pony Bead - Recycled water is used for watering landscape for business but not residential
White Pony Bead - Take short showers (3 to 5 minutes); Fill the tub only half full for bathing
Yellow Pony Bead - Wash FULL loads of dishes and/or clothes in automatic machines
Red Pony Bead - Check for leaky pipes, toilets and faucets
Lime Green Pony Bead - Use native regional plants that use less water to live and grow
Silver Pony Bead -  Efficient irrigation system
Gold Pony Bead - You - Because… Water Use Efficiency begins and ends with YOU!!

In our examples pictured below, each pony bead is strung in the order listed above. Personalize your key chain or bracelet by using alphabet beads and add your name after the last gold bead. Your name in the bracelet or key chain will serve as a reminder that YOU are part of the cycle of water conservation.

If you would like to use this activity in your classroom, bead kits can be purchased at Bead Bee, click here for bracelet kits, click here for keychain kits, or give us a call at 407. 895. 0062.

Thank you to my friend Malea at the Eastern Municipal Water District in Perris, CA for sharing this idea.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

"HOPE" for Haiti Friendship Bracelets

In past several weeks, we have spoken to many people who are fundraising for Haiti by making beaded key chains, necklaces and friendship bracelets featuring the word "HOPE"

One of the most popular fundraiser crafts are beaded friendship bracelets. Alphabet beads can be accented with colored pony beads or faceted plastic beads. All of these beads are great options for fundraisers because they are budget friendly, but will allow you to create friendship bracelets that are fun to wear and support a wonderful cause.

Beaded friendship bracelets can be strung on elastic cord, knotted onto hemp, or braided or knotted embroidery thread. Cube shape alphabet beads are recommended if you would like to use thicker cord since cube shape alphabet beads have larger holes.

The friendship bracelet pictured features blue and red colors from Haiti's flag, created with plastic pony beads and plastic alphabet beads.

If you are using beads to create a fundraiser for Haiti, please use this coupon for 10% off your order of $36 or more, plus you will get free domestic first class shipping.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Pi Day - March 14 (3.14)

Teachers have used our number beads as a fun and creative teaching tool and incorporated them in numerous activities including Pi Day which is on March 14 (3.14). 

Use our numbers beads to represent the digits of PI and create fun bracelets as part of your lesson plan.

The number beads are so cute and fun to play with that kids will love learning with them. This is a fun Pi Day project in which kids of all ages can participate.

Creating your own Pi bracelets is simple, all you need are number beads, pony beads and elastic cording.